This is our first official look at a Porsche Boxster EV prototype.

The 718 Boxster and Cayman—the beloved and beautifully balanced mid-engine convertible and coupe—are going fully EV for the 2025 model year, and we just caught the first fully-electric prototypes on the test circuit.

The Boxster EV prototype maintains the general mid-engine proportions of the outgoing ICE variants, appearing to marry some Taycan cues with the Porsche Mission R concept, resulting in what promises to be a pretty, nicely-proportioned sports car. The Mission R concept is a wild race-ready coupe, but we can see similarities in the roll of the rear fenders, and the full-width tail-light treatment found on these early Boxster EV test cars. The Boxster EV does without the Mission R’s wild, tire-exposing cut-outs in the body work, but the broad strokes are there. And don’t be fooled by the bogus, phony central exhaust port applied to the rear bumper disguise. This is pure EV.

The Boxster EV will use Porsche’s dedicated electric vehicle platform—dubbed PPE—with the challenge of packing adequate battery power into the new car’s rather small footprint. Our sources at AutoPacific report challenges in getting sufficient power and range, with Porsche reportedly struggling initially to reach a range of 200 miles with Porsche’s battery technology at the time. With these prototypes finally hitting the road, perhaps Porsche has solved those initial teething issues, and are ready and able to deliver a result that can do battle with the rest of the burgeoning EV market.

Speaking of the EV market, the Boxster and Cayman will be somewhat unique in an EV field littered with sedans and SUVs—with little more than the almost mythical Tesla Roadster as one of its rare potential competitors. After numerous delays, the second-generation Tesla Roadster may see buyers driveways in the 2025 model year—a possible collision course with the Boxster EV. If that materializes, let the comparison tests begin across the media landscape.

Our German source has hinted that the Boxster may be being developed under the 983 Boxster EV designation. Whether that’s an internal development code, or something that will remain attached when the Boxster and Cayman EVs reach showrooms—is currently unclear. What is clear are these first photos, giving us our first real-world evidence of what’s now being tested in Germany. The EV Boxster is on the way. Will it be lauded or loathed is the question, as the ICE version goes into the history books.

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