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Porsche Boxster EV renders

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Hey all, happy to join this forum.

I was surprised by those Boxster EV spy shots last week. I honestly didn't expect a "traditional" Porsche in EV form for quite some time. I assumed it'd be mostly SUVs and maybe a Panamera replacement. But an actual sports car in EV form? I can't wait to see what Porsche comes up with.

Sure, there have been a bunch of EV super cars (though not many have actually gone on sale), but I'm super curious to see how a brand that knows what its doing handles the benefits and trade-offs (weight!) of going electric.

Anyways, to add to the spy shots, I thought I'd share these renders - Новый Porsche Boxster 2024 - КОЛЕСА.ру – автомобильный журнал

Like with the spy shots, I'm surprised by the apparent size of the air intakes. What do you all think?
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