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A Porsche rep indicated the Macan EV's range will match the Mercedes EQS that gets over 300 miles of range fully-charged, that beats the the Taycan's 250 miles rating (EPA),
"And what about the all-important range question? Porsche’s not quoting a figure yet, but I was told it will be “a lot more” than the Taycan, which tops out at just under 250 miles on the EPA test cycle. Again, no specific numbers, but when I asked whether it might match the range of the Mercedes-Benz EQS, after a bit of pondering I was given an answer in the affirmative. That could mean something north of 300 miles on the EPA test cycle.

Beyond that, the Macan Electric will address another, rather more minor quibble with the Taycan: unlike the sedan, the new SUV will have a usable frunk. It won’t, however, offer additional regenerative braking or anything close to one-pedal driving. Porsche continues to insist this is part of their “philosophy” of EV design, which continues to be a terrible excuse for leaving off a simple feature that a considerable percentage of EV buyers really want."
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