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During Porsche's annual press conference they gave a first look teaser at their upcoming three-row SUV, codenamed "K1."

It likely won't make its debut until 2027.

Porsche did more than just announce an all-electric Cayenne during its Annual Press Conference as it also provided a first glimpse at the three-row SUV. Well, sort of. Codenamed "K1," the seven-seat EV was illustrated hiding under a cover while company chairman Oliver Blume was talking about what the future has in tow for the house of Zuffenhausen. It appears to have a gently sloped roofline à la Cayenne Coupe.

The jumbo SUV won't arrive anytime soon as Porsche is currently putting the finishing touches on the next-generation, electric-only Macan due in 2024. Roughly a year later, the 718 sports cars will also be renewed and lose the combustion engines while the zero-emission Cayenne is slated to arrive around 2026. It means the brand's largest vehicle ever won't debut sooner than 2027.

Positioned above the fourth-generation Cayenne coming in electric guise, the new SUV will be underpinned by the SSP Sport platform Porsche is developing. The automaker's head honcho promises "strong performance" as well as "automated driving functions." Inside the cabin, expect a "completely new experience." He went on to say it's a "new car concept" targeting profitable regions such as China and the United States. The former continues to be the brand's largest single market.
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